An innovative Minecraft control panel unlike any other.

A cloud-based platform for real-time server management

NeManager is a cloud-based platform that enables you to monitor and manage all your servers from anywhere, in real-time.

We offer a user-friendly and efficient solution, designed to simplify server management compared to traditional control panels. Our top priority is ensuring customer satisfaction and ease of use, all while maintaining corporate-level security.

With a range of advanced and easy-to-use features, NeManager provides you with full control over your servers. Our beautiful and intuitive interface makes managing your servers a breeze, streamlining the otherwise tedious process.

Experience complete control, ease of use, and unparalleled security with NeManager.


Technical Specifications

Basic Professional
Wrappers 1 4*
Servers 2 8*
Email Alerts
Server Console
Player Manager
World Manager
Plugin Manager -
Config Manager -
Cloud Backups -
Task Scheduler -
File Manager -
Two-Factor Auth -
Multiple Accounts -
Permission Groups -
System Logs -
API Access -
Ad-Free -