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A hosted solution
Real-time management

NeManager is a hosted service that gives you the ability to manage all your servers in real-time, no matter where you are in the world.

Our service is much easier to use than other control panels in the market. We thrive on creating products that our customers enjoy to use. Ease of use and customer satisfaction is at the heart of NeManager; held together by complex, corporate-grade security.

This product contains a compilation of advanced and easy to use features, providing you with complete control over your servers and making such a mundane and sometimes difficult task easy; with the ability to control all aspects of your server from the beautiful, intuitive interface of NeManager.

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True Real-time

Unlike other server control panels, we offer a true real-time experience. This makes managing servers easier.

Multiple Servers

Manage all your servers in one place. This keeps your workspace clean and your brain at ease.

Access Anywhere

Control and manage your servers from anywhere in the world. Whether you're out at sea or in a taxi.


Two-Factor Authentication makes it harder for intruders to get access to your servers.

The Whole Team

You can't do everything all the time. Why not let your team members help you manage the servers?

Permission Groups

Restrict access to the control panel. This allows you to specify what your team members should see.


The WebSocket protocol

We take advantage of the full-duplex WebSocket protocol. Full-duplex means that we can send data to and from the panel simultaneously. This allows you to manage your servers in real time. What you see is happening on your server, right now!

This means that you can easily see what is happening on your server without delay, in the console. As well as this; the website is fully responsive, meaning that you can view the console and use the rest of the features on any device that you want, ensuring that you have maximum access to the server as an owner.


There are currently 2 editions of NeManager. A comparison of the two products is displayed in the “Tech Specs” section.


$0.00 /month
  • Ad-Supported
  • 1 Wrapper
  • 2 Servers


*$8.00 /month
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • *4 Wrappers
  • *8 Servers

Please note: The “professional” version is free during the NeManager beta!

Tech Specs

Features Free Professional
1 *4 Wrappers
2 *8 Servers
Player Manager
World Manager
Plugin Manager
Config Manager
Backups Manager
Cloud Backups
File Manager
Two-Factor Authentication
Multiple Users
Permission Groups


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Everyone involved has a place in our heart, but here are the people behind NeManager!

Karl Håkansson

Karl Håkansson
Creator / Main Developer


Security Consultant / Sysadmin

Member 3

Thomas S.
Head of Support